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About The Dangerous


The Dangerous, is an Indie Reggae band based out of San Jose, California. Childhood friends and founders Kevin Azevedo and Edgar Fernandez are no strangers to the industry having come from Indie Rock group Citabria that achieved some mainstream success. Their latest project, "The Dangerous" stems from their love of reggae music combined with their rock and electronic influences creating a welcoming addition to the traditional Reggae sound. The band encompasses all their influences from atmospheric guitars to edgy modern synthesizers to create a nice bed of sound. Their latest members, Bassist Manuel Ramos and Guitarist, Anthony Perez bring their experiences along for the ride having come from Reggae bands of their own, namely "The Cool Bus Experience" and "Yeshua & The Hightones." They've had the pleasure of performing alongside some great acts such as The International Dub Ambassadors, Bunny Wailer, Anthony B, Protoje and Black Uhuru to name a few. The Dangerous will release their Debut album April 2oth. Keep a lookout for more details. Video snippets and pictures on The Dangerous' Instagram and Facebook profiles will be posted throughout the journey.



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